Club Champions

Looking for chess in the month of August? Come to the Minnesota Blitz Championship on August 13th! Register online here!

Due to the Chess Castle relocating at the end July, there will be
no Chess Castle events in the month of August. Please standby for updated event info/location/times starting in September.

You can register for ALL Chess Castle and MSCA events online at! You can also always register in-person - please arrive before the start time.

Note: The Chess Castle Phone is NOT a good way to contact the us for information as it is only used during onsite registration times! Instead, it is much better to email us at

The Chess Castle is open three nights a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and most weekends per month.

Mondays Casual Night & Action Quads

Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ARE UNLOCKED!

Every Monday the Castle will open at 5:00pm for some unrated chess fun. This is a great time for new players or returning members to learn about the club, play some friendly games, or join the US Chess Federation.
Casual Chess Ends at 7pm when the Action Quads start.
Action Quads Format: Three Rounds Game in 30 with a 5 second delay, USCF Membership is required. Players are grouped based on ratings. Prizes NEW Format: 1st Place in each Quad wins $30 on the Spot! If there is a Swiss in the lower section, besides 1st $30, there will be a $15 Class Prize! Entry fee: $15 for Castle Members, $20 for others. Questions E-mail or Call Dan at 651-280-5473.
Please register before 6:30PM online,

Thursday Knighter
Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ARE UNLOCKED!

Swiss, (G/90; +30). Entry Fee: $35, members $25. Prizes: Winners get FREE entry next month. Onsite Registration: 6:00-6:20 PM first Thursday of the month. Rounds: 6:30 PM each Thursday, check-in by 6:25 or you may not get paired, call 612-964-6673. Other: Directed by Norm Myrin. Most games done by 10:00. House player welcomed. Questions, contact Norm Myrin at, phone: 612-964-6673. SIGN UP CLICK HERE! Wallchart
2022 Wed/Thu Knighter Kingpins

Premier: Chess set & clock provided. Doors ARE UNLOCKED!
(For early bird rate, sign up by end-of-day Monday before round 1.)

Same format as OPEN. Excellent opportunity for higher rated players (must be 1700 or higher) with discount incentives. Entry Fee: if 3-days early (U1900 $40), (1900-1999 $35), (2000-2099 $30), (2100-2199 $25), (2200+ $20), (National Experts receive $5 off, National Masters receive $10 off, FM and above FREE), ($5 more if 1-2 days early, All $45 at site), members get $10 off. Prizes: Winner and Top Upset get FREE entry next month, split on a tie. Byes: one bye if 4-SS, two byes if 5-SS, exceptions at TD's discretion. Other: Check-in by 6:25 each Thursday. Call or text 763-232-9944 if you are running late, or you may not get paired. Exceptions to minimum rating at TD's discretion. Directed by Nate Hoover. TD may require submission of game scores. Games may be broadcast. All proceeds go to the Chess Castle. Questions contact Nathan Hoover, phone: 763-232-9944. SIGN UP CLICK HERE! Wallchart

2022 Wed/Thu Knighter Kingpins