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Castle FIDE Premiere & Open 26-27 June 2021

$1,000 in Prizes Projected & $500 Guaranteed!

Dan Voje has informed me that Catfish Day's will be held this year. Save the dates July 23rd-25th. Yes now a three day tournament that will give you time to explore some of the other cultural activities in Franklin. He will be directing.

I have posted the new updated flyer below. $750 divided among lower rated players from groups of 5 or more.

Catfish poster 2021 - 2.pdf

Starting June 1st, 2021, the Castle Chess Club will no longer be requiring masks, and we recommend that individuals not disclose private medical information. We trust our members to make their own decisions regarding their personal health

If you can not see the poster go to the bottom of this page.

June 13 I played in Iowa at the Maskless Swiss. A four round event that had limited field. Unfortunately they had over 65 that wanted to play. Let this be a lesson to all. The days when the TD/organizer can have huge space on the hopes of a big turnout are over. Better to pick a realistic number and plan accordingly.

The tournament went well except for the fire alarm in round two. Iowa has some more events upcoming on August 21-22nd and September 11-12th. I will post Iowa results.

MSCA is planning a tournament for Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned.

June 6 I played in the Exerciser Quad on Saturday. The playing site is in the basement of an office building. Plenty of space for 24 players with only two games to a table. There is a small lunch room next door. Park in the rear and enter by the South door. It does not have the atmosphere of the old Castle but much cheaper and a start back on the road to chess.

May 30 If you want to check on the guys that went to Chicago the results are here.

May 27 Longtime chess player Edward Conway died last September. Obituary.

May 23 Troy Cavanah decided not to wait until Dan and I returned to get some easy points to push him over the Master line. Competing in the Missouri Grand Championship in Columbia ,MO he beat two Masters to cross the 2200 line. Congratulations.

The Chicago Open will now allow spectators. Now they said no spectators. Not surprising there is confusion with Continental Chess and Chicago involved.

May 2 Tim Radermacher has revived the MCJ. This was a hard copy magazine for MSCA that struggled to make it to print over the years. The cost and lack of volunteers doomed the publication. Now he hopes with being able to post online it might work. He has posted the first new edition on the MSCA site or below.

Minnesota Chess Journal

Troy Cavanah won the FIDE April tournament against tough competition. He is approaching Master status and once Dan and I get back he will scoop the points he needs in no time.

April 3 The World Open tournaments are planned for over the board. The big news for me is Iowa is planning on holding a mask less tournament on June 12th. One should check closer to the date to see if things have changed.

March 26 I received an E-mail from USCF promoting the National Open in Las Vegas in June. I have been watching neighboring states and will post when mask less chess is back.

I received another E-mail from Continental Chess saying they are holding the Chicago Open on Memorial weekend

Catfish poster 2021 - 2.pdf
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