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The Club Championship will be held October 2nd-3rd

September 20 The State Closed Championship is this coming weekend at the Crowne Plaza Plymouth. Not sure who is playing but feel free to stop and spectate.
September 8 The Northern Open was well run and 60+ players had a good time. It was good to be back at the Oval. Ashton Jin and John Talghader tied for first with 4 points. There were a lot of draws due to the heavy participation of Masters. Those guys are hard to beat. In the U1900 section Harry Breheim was clear first with 4.5/5. In the U1400 Gurulakshimi Kaliappan and Luke Schroeder were tied for first. Jackson Wahl won the Blitz. Northern Open results. Blitz results

August 30 Alice Lee is continuing to win big events. Today Alice became the winner of the FIDE Online Rapid World Cup Cadets and Youth in the girls U12 section. This is Alice's 3rd world title, after winning two gold medals from World Cadet Championships in 2019 (girls U10 section) and in 2020 (girls U12 section.

Congratulations from all of us.

August 26 The TCCL starts on October 1st at the Roseville Oval. Get your teams together. All the details.

August 23 Minnesota players performed well at North American Youth Chess Championship 2021.

Samrug Narayanan, got the 2nd place (silver) in U18 Open section, that earned him the title of FIDE Master (FM).

Alice Lee, got the 1st place (gold) in U18 Girls, that earned her the title Woman's International Master (WIM).

Linden Lee, got the 5th place in the U16 Open section. And Troy Cavanah got the 10th place in U14 Open section.

Alice is the first homegrown WIM, and Samrug is the next FM after Kevin Wasiluk. The other recent FIDE title player is GM Andrew Tang.

Congratulations to the winners and the other participants from MN.

The Blitz Championship was won by Jackson Wahl with Dane Zagar finishing 2nd.

The Club Championship will be held October 2nd-3rd. The State Senior Championship will be Oct. 23rd-24th.

August 15 IM Eric Santarious won the Minnesota Masters invitational with 7/9. Andrew Titus was 2nd with 6/9. More details.

As reported in Chess Life by Dennis McGrath the Castle Chess Club is back. We have several membership options. You get a discount on events and free entry into the prestigious club championship. Membership encourages you to play more and helps support the club. Many masters are playing and new beginners to OTB play. Check the links above.

August 9 NM Ashton Jin won the FIDE Classic with 4.5/5. Drawing Alice and beating Linden on his way to first. Alice ( after crushing me) and Linden and Aditya Gupta from Illinois all tied for 2nd-4th. Aditya quit after he crossed the 2200 mid tournament. He dropped down at the Des Moines Open but he will be back. Thanks to Dane Zagar for directing.

August 1 We sent some club members to the invitationals at the U.S. OPEN. Sammy Narayanan is competing in the Denker and won his first game. Troy Cavanah is in the Barber and also won. Ahmed Ilyasov1 drew in the Rockafeller. The tragic news is Senior Champ Dan Voje had to play Wilson Gibbins. He lost. Links for all here.

Results: Troy Cavanah 3.5/5, Ahmed Ilyasov1.5/5, Sammy Narayanan 3/5, Dan Voje 1.5/5, Wilson Gibbins 4/5

Recent attendance: Monday Quads... 28, Wednesday...23, Thursday...15, Think... 30, Exerciser Quad...20

Andrew Titus was clear first at the Summertime Think with 6/7. Iwu and Radermacher were tied for 2nd with 5/7.




Dan Voje and our old friend Wilson Gibbins. Sadly Wilson won.

Pictures credit to Arun Narayanan.

Starting June 1st, 2021, the Castle Chess Club will no longer be requiring masks, and we recommend that individuals not disclose private medical information. We trust our members to make their own decisions regarding their personal health

Dan Voje was the winner of the Catfish Day's tournament. Winning his first six games and then playing one their few draws with Mr. Bill. He gained 74 rating points and is again back in the Expert range. It was heavily attended with Castle members. Nathan Hoover finished 2nd with 6/7 and Andre Hotillosa was 3rd with 5/7.

Dan will represent MN. in the States Senior Championship in Cherry Hill. I am sure he will do us proud. Link above for results.

The catfish float with the fish winners and the mascot.

Alice Lee just finished playing in St. Louis at the Junior Girls Championship. As the youngest she performed well and after a win the stunned Yasser Seirawan interviewed her. Although around the club she is quiet, she did great and even plugged the Castle. She has started a site: FunMasterMike and Alice's Pawn Palace. It has a ton of content with puzzles, videos and more.

We had a good group that went to Chicago. Pictured are Andrew 3/5, Saumik 3/5,Sammy3/5, Stuart 2.5/5 and Ashton 1.5. Not photo ready were Tim Radermacher 2.5/5, Dane Zagar 3/5, Nastassja Matus 1.5/5 and Bill 3/5. Some played up facing tougher opponents. Of special note is Ksenija Matus who is now 7 scored 1 point. All are much bigger after a year's absence.

Dan Voje is once again the State's Senior Champ. Beating Tim Radermacher in a Rook and pawn ending. Scoring 3.5/4. Congratulations to Dan. You can see him in person at the upcoming Catfish Day's Tournament. Seniors pictured.

July 29 Andrew Ttus has been active in the West suburbs. The Wayzata Chess Club is organizing some events this Summer. Mostly for kids. He is planning some open events in the future. Of note is a 9 round invitational for Master strength players. Troy and Alice will be giving the older Masters a justified thrashing. Check it out.

July 27 Iowa has two events planned: a FIDE rated 2021 Des Moines Open on August 21st-22nd and the 66th Annual Iowa Open on Sept. 10th-12th. . It will be held in Iowa City.

July 26 Alice Lee played in the U.S. Junior Girls Championships. It was a very tough field. She scored +1 -3 =5 . Annie Wang won the event with 7/9.

July 15 Newsweek did a nice article on Alice Lee. Telling about her story and what she is up to after the year long lockdown. She will be playing in the U.S. Juniors and we wish her all the best.

Details: The Saint Louis Chess Club will broadcast the action live with commentary on, as well as its YouTube and channels. Opening ceremonies will be held July 15, with play beginning Friday, July 16 at 3:00 p.m. central time.

July 6 Our own Sammy Narayanan had a successful World Open. Scoring 5/9 he finished tied for 2nd in the under 2200 FIDE with eleven others. Missing a good payday by half a point.

June 30 The results of the weekend FIDE tournament are rated. Dr. OK Iwu and Linden Lee were tied for 1st-2nd. Both drew with Andrew Titus. Eddie Wasserman drew two masters and beat one jumping 50 points. The other masters had a rough weekend. Dane Zagar did duty as a houseman and director winning the open along with Benjamin Vanorny. Not sure if this link will work.

June 21 If you wondered what happened to our good friend Wilson Gibbins I have the news. He has found a home in Oregon and is the co-winner of the Senior Championship. Over 60 champion. He also writes articles for their website.

June 17 I counted 12 MN players in the National Open crosstables. If you want to keep up with them check here.

June 13 I played in Iowa at the Maskless Swiss. A four round event that had limited field. Unfortunately they had over 65 that wanted to play. Let this be a lesson to all. The days when the TD/organizer can have huge space on the hopes of a big turnout are over. Better to pick a realistic number and plan accordingly.

The tournament went well except for the fire alarm in round two. Iowa has some more events upcoming on August 21-22nd and September 11-12th. I will post Iowa results.

MSCA is planning a tournament for Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned.

June 6 I played in the Exerciser Quad on Saturday. The playing site is in the basement of an office building. Plenty of space for 24 players with only two games to a table. There is a small lunch room next door. Park in the rear and enter by the South door. It does not have the atmosphere of the old Castle but much cheaper and a start back on the road to chess.

May 30 If you want to check on the guys that went to Chicago the results are here.

May 27 Longtime chess player Edward Conway died last September. Obituary.

May 23 Troy Cavanah decided not to wait until Dan and I returned to get some easy points to push him over the Master line. Competing in the Missouri Grand Championship in Columbia ,MO he beat two Masters to cross the 2200 line. Congratulations.

May 2 Tim Radermacher has revived the MCJ. This was a hard copy magazine for MSCA that struggled to make it to print over the years. The cost and lack of volunteers doomed the publication. Now he hopes with being able to post online it might work. He has posted the first new edition on the MSCA site or below.

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