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WINTER OPEN Jan 22 – 23, 2022

Where: Roseville Skating Center,

5-RD SS. Time Control:G/90 + 30 Round Times: Saturday, 9:30-1:30- 6:00, Sunday, 10:00-3:00

Entry Fees (All Sections): $50 if registered online by January 5. $60 if registered online by January 12

$70 if registered online by January 19, $80 if registered in-person by 9:00 AM on January 22

Chess Castle Championship 2021

The club held our yearly championship this past weekend. Not bitter cold or covid could keep 22 brave souls from the competition. Going into the last round winner NM Troy Cavanah was being chased by Jackson Wahl and John Talghader both a half point behind his 5/6. They had all played so a win was needed for Troy to clinch the title. This he did by beating the fast playing Jordan Timm. This pushed him back over 2200 where I am sure he has found a home. Congratulations.

January 18 The MLK tournament outside Duluth drew a small talented group. It dragged Chris Kalina out of the dugout to tie for first with Dr. Okey and Daniel Phipps. I will keep you posted if a Summer event is planned.

If you are considering entering the Continental Chess Association's tournaments be sure to read their Covid policy. The Mid-America is: Masks may be required. As for the Chicago Open: Masks may be required. Certification of Covid vaccination required. (may be changed based on pandemic status). Bearing in mind that vaccinated people can still spread the disease.

You can enter the Winter Open online by January 19th for $70. Round 1 at 9:30

Castle FIDE tournament February 12th-13th at the club

2022 Minnesota Open February 25–27, 2022

Not President's weekend. Crowne Plaza Plymouth

December 20 The Hall of Fame tournament drew a small but strong crowd. Jackson Wahl and Dr. Okey Iwu tied for first with 4/5. In the U1900 Daniel Nenneman and Alan Xu were tied with 4/5 also. Alexander Augustine scored 4.5/5 in the U1400. The site was very nice though the traffic patterns nearby were stupid. Thanks to Sara for directing. Early entry into the Winter Open ends on January 5th. At $50 this is a bargain due to space costs. The inductees to the Hall of Fame will be announced at the Minnesota Open in February, not president's weekend this year.

December 5 The Rochester Chess Club held a Masters Invitational one day Swiss. Seven National Masters and strong expert Dave McNeil competed for a $800 dollar prize fund. NM Matt Jensen won two games which earned him clear first. There were a lot of draws . The club hopes to hold more such events next year.

November 29 Our friends Sammy, Alice, Linden and Nastassja all played in the 2021 US Masters this past weekend. Of course Sammy and Alice were paired. Also Linden and Nastassja. They played some tough guys. Crosstable here.

November 23 The MN. Class Championships was a hard fought event. There was a small field of 16 after combining the Master/Expert section with the Class A players. The Class A players took advantage of their underdog status to wreak havoc on the tournament. After two rounds only three players had 2/2. After three rounds there were no perfect scores. I counted six Masters upset by the lower rated A players. In the end Samrug Narayanan came thru for a well deserved clear first and a spot in the Closed. John Talghader was the Expert winner while Cub Noble and Joel Nathe won the Class A. In the Class B&C Stephen Lockart and Alan Xu were first. In the D and under Maximillian Risdall was first.

The site was better suited for a future Summer tournament as it had one main playing room, though it was very open and airy. The low price kept the entry fee down and parking was free. MN. chess is bouncing back after the Covid lockdowns and I would like to thank the organizers and directors for their efforts. Check below and the calendar for upcoming events.

November 11 I have been informed of the passing of Russell Erickson. Russ was a long time coach and supporter of scholastic chess. He is in the Minnesota Hall of Fame. His obituary is in the StarTribune.

October 25 The MN State Senior Championship was contested with only 12 players but it was hard fought. With the South Dakota State Champ eyeing the title State pride was at stake. NM Tim Radermacher stunned his opponent by offering a draw in a messy position in round two. This set him on the path to the title. As Bill Murray stopped Nels Truelson in a tricky ending Tim only had to beat the dangerous Mr. Voje and Stephen Lockart. He succeeded in one of Dan's typical games of chaos and tactically beat Stephan. Now Bill had to play Dan for his shot at the title. Sadly in a winning position Bill had a senior moment and hung a Rook. This clinched the title for Tim and gave Bill a long tearful 50 mile ride home. Tim will represent us at the US Champions tournament in California next Summer. Thanks to Dane Zagar for putting up with us old fogies.

Alice Lee won the Invitational.

The Minnesota Chess Journal for the Fall is out. MSCA link.

October 22 NM Nels Truelson won the South Dakota Closed Championship with a 4.5/5 score. He has entered the MN Senior.

October 15 Jackson Wahl won the North Dakota Championship recently with a 5/5 result.

October 4 The Club Championship was well attended with 30 players. NM Linden Lee was clear first with 6/7 and not losing a game. NM Alice Lee and John Talghader were tied for second with 5/7. With six masters it was a tough field. It is now rated. Thanks to Jackson and Sarah for directing perfectly. MSCA has some events scheduled for November and December.

If you would like to follow the State Playoff Championship

the games are on Lichess and the pairings on Google.

Games download.

September 25 IM Sean Nagle is once again the State Champion. The title was decided in the last round when NM Frank Johnson needed a win against Sean to claim the title. The game ended in a draw. NM Ashton Jin did well with wins against Frank, Troy and Okey. NM Tim Radermacher could not match the big guns but was happy with his 2.5/5 result. NM Troy Cavanah salvaged his tournament with a win in the last round against Iwu. The good Dr. will have a long ride home to Duluth after a tournament he will want to forget. He will be back next week for the Club Championship.

September 8 The Northern Open was well run and 60+ players had a good time. It was good to be back at the Oval. Ashton Jin and John Talghader tied for first with 4 points. There were a lot of draws due to the heavy participation of Masters. Those guys are hard to beat. In the U1900 section Harry Breheim was clear first with 4.5/5. In the U1400 Gurulakshimi Kaliappan and Luke Schroeder were tied for first. Jackson Wahl won the Blitz. Northern Open results. Blitz results

August 30 Alice Lee is continuing to win big events. Today Alice became the winner of the FIDE Online Rapid World Cup Cadets and Youth in the girls U12 section. This is Alice's 3rd world title, after winning two gold medals from World Cadet Championships in 2019 (girls U10 section) and in 2020 (girls U12 section.

Congratulations from all of us.

Starting June 1st, 2021, the Castle Chess Club will no longer be requiring masks, and we recommend that individuals not disclose private medical information. We trust our members to make their own decisions regarding their personal health

Dan Voje was the winner of the Catfish Day's tournament. Winning his first six games and then playing one their few draws with Mr. Bill. He gained 74 rating points and is again back in the Expert range. It was heavily attended with Castle members. Nathan Hoover finished 2nd with 6/7 and Andre Hotillosa was 3rd with 5/7.

Dan will represent MN. in the States Senior Championship in Cherry Hill. I am sure he will do us proud. Link above for results.

The catfish float with the fish winners and the mascot.

Alice Lee just finished playing in St. Louis at the Junior Girls Championship. As the youngest she performed well and after a win the stunned Yasser Seirawan interviewed her. Although around the club she is quiet, she did great and even plugged the Castle. She has started a site: FunMasterMike and Alice's Pawn Palace. It has a ton of content with puzzles, videos and more.

May 2 Tim Radermacher has revived the MCJ. This was a hard copy magazine for MSCA that struggled to make it to print over the years. The cost and lack of volunteers doomed the publication. Now he hopes with being able to post online it might work. He has posted the first new edition on the MSCA site or below.

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