Early Entry Modifcation

May 15, 2024

The Castle board has approved the following change to the our Weekend Events beginning Jun 1:

Why the change?  When a player signs up 2-days early, they help  promote the event.  It also helps the TD prepare the event.  We are hoping that this option will improve attendance in our events, while maintaining a prompt starting time.  We cannot afford to give a discounted rate for the 2-day early entry, so we kept the early entry fee the same, but require 2-days early registration to get that rate.  After that, it will be $5 more online up to when the club opens, and $10 more at site.  Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated.  Please see the page footer for our email address.

The ads in the Castle Homepage now reflect that change, and the online registration system has been updated to accommodate the change.