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To Enter the Castle, go to the WEST SIDE right door and call the TD.

Make sure to call the right number for your event!!!!

Click Here for Chess Castle’s Rules & Covid-19 Plan

If possible, bring your own Chess Set & Clock; Free Parking

7800 Metro Parkway, Suite #300, Bloomington MN 55425

You can register for ALL Chess Castle and MSCA events online at! You can also always register in-person - please arrive before the start time.

Note: The Chess Castle Phone is NOT a good way to contact the us for information as it is only used during onsite registration times! Instead, it is much better to email us at

Face coverings are NO LONGER required by Minnesota state legislation.

Starting June 1st, 2021, the Castle Chess Club will no longer be requiring masks, and we recommend that individuals not disclose private medical information. We trust our members to make their own decisions regarding their personal health.

For those who take the bus, good news! It's just a 27 minute train ride from downtown Minneapolis, and a 31 minute bus ride from downtown St Paul. In Minneapolis, catch the Blue Line, get off at American Blvd & 34th Ave, and it's just a 1/2 mile walk. In St Paul, catch Route 54 LTD Stop, get off at American Blvd & Metro Dr E, and it's just a 1/4 mile walk. Walkers can use the Front Entrance, just let the TD know you are at the Front.

The Chess Castle is open three nights a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and most weekends per month.

Mondays Casual Night & Action Quads

Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ALWAYS LOCKED call TD Enter: 612-877-1534

Every Monday the Castle will open at 5:30pm for some unrated chess fun. This is a great time for new players or returning members to learn about the club, play some friendly games, or join the US Chess Federation.
Casual Chess Ends at 7pm when the Action Quads start.
Action Quads Format: Three Rounds Game in 30 with a 5 second delay, USCF Membership is required. Players are grouped based on ratings. Prizes NEW Format: 1st Place in each Quad wins $30 on the Spot! If there is a Swiss in the lower section, besides 1st $30, there will be a $15 Class Prize! Entry fee: $15 for Castle Members, $20 for others. Questions E-mail Please register before 6:30PM online, SIGN UP CLICK HERE!

Wednesday Knighter - Open

Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ALWAYS LOCKED call TD Enter: 612-964-6673

Entry Fee: $35, members $25 Prizes: Winner and Top Upsets get free entry next month, split on a tie. Swiss, Game/100 with +30 bonus. Onsite Registration: 6:30-6:50 PM first Wednesday of the month. Rounds: 7:00 PM each Wednesday, check-in by 6:55 or you may not get paired, call 612.964.6673. Other: Directed by Norm Myrin. Most games done by 11:00. House player welcomed. Questions, contact Norm Myrin at, phone: 612.964.6673. SIGN UP CLICK HERE! Wallchart
2021 Wed/Thu Knighter Kingpins

Thursday Knighter - Premier

Chess sets provided! Doors ALWAYS LOCKED call TD Enter: 763-232-9944

Same format as Wednesday Knighter Open (Swiss, Game/100 with +30 bonus). Excellent opportunity for higher rated players (must be 1700 or higher) with discount incentives. Entry Fee: if early (U1900 $35), (1900-1999 $30), (2000-2099 $25), (2100-2199 $20), (2200+ $15), (NMs receive $5 off, FM and above FREE), (All $35 at site), members get $10 off. Byes: one bye if 4-SS, two byes if 5-SS, exceptions at TD's discretion. Other: Check-in by 6:55 each Thursday. Call or text 763-232-9944 if you are running late, or you may not get paired. Directed by Nate Hoover. Exceptions to minimum rating at TD's discretion. TD may require submission of game scores. Games may be broadcast. Most games done by 11:00. All proceeds go to the Chess Castle. House player welcomed. Questions contact Nathan Hoover, phone: 763-232-9944. SIGN UP CLICK HERE! Wallchart
2021 Wed/Thu Knighter Kingpins

Castle FIDE Premiere & Open December 4th-5th 2021

$1,000 in Prizes Projected & $500 Guaranteed!

Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ALWAYS LOCKED! Call TD Enter: 612-877-1534

OTB Site: Chess Castle of Minnesota (7800 Metro Parkway Bloomington MN 55425).

Premiere: Players in this section must be above 1800 USCF or 1700 FIDE. FIDE & USCF rated. Entry fee is $60 for Castle Members by December 1st, $70 on site (Non-Members an additional $10). Prize fund is 1st $200, 2nd $150; U2200 $120; U2000 $120 (based on 10 players).

Open: FIDE & USCF rated. Open to all. Entry fee for Castle Members is $50 by December 1st, $60 on site (Non-Members an additional $10). Prize fund is 1st $150, 2nd $100; U1600 $80; U1400 $80 (based on 10 players).

All of the above: Five games, Swiss pairings. Time Control game in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment. Onsite Registration Sat 9:15- 9:45am. Rounds: Sat 10:00-3:00-7:30; Sun 10-3. USCF membership is required. Up to four half point byes by request! Advanced entries can be made online at or mailed: Dane Zagar 7517 W 110th Street, Bloomington MN, 55438. Checks payable to: Chess Castle of Minnesota. Click Here to Register Now!!

Questions: Please contact the TD with any questions or concerns.

Email: Phone: (612)-805-3958

Holiday Rapid Saturday December 11

Bring Chess set & Clock! Doors ALWAYS LOCKED call TD Enter: 612-877-1534

5 rounds, G/30 with 5 second delay. Club will be open at 9:30. Rounds at 10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:15, 3:30. USCF Regular and Quick rated. Entry fee is $15 for members, $20 for non-members. 50+% of entries returned as prizes. Up to 2 half point byes by request. Contact TD Jackson Wahl at with questions.

MSCA Hall of Fame Classic - December 18 - NOT AT CHESS CASTLE SITE

Details coming soon at