This page is for news and recent results of the local chess community. Mostly about the Chess Castle but including the state. If you have some news or an announcement you think local chess players would like to know about send it to Bill at The State chess association has a Facebook page

October 22
35 players showed up for the Saturday Exerciser Quads. Click link above for results. The Minnesota Class Championships are on for November 11-12th at the Crowne Plaza Plymouth.  Remember this is a chance to qualify for the Playoffs for State Champ. 
MSCA has organized the State Blitz Championship for December 3rd at the Castle Chess Club.
There is also a November Think on November 4-5th.
The Club Championship is scheduled for January 6-7th. 

 October 17 While the chess punks will be playing in the Minnesota Youth and Collegiate Open at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth the old geezers will be fighting for the title of State Senior Champ at the same site. There are only four rounds so no need for the old man bye. Dan Voje, last year's champ, is expected to return for more glory.

October 15 There were only 39 at the 3rd Blizzard Fide Open held at the Castle Chess Club this past weekend.  As expected IM Andrew Tang was perfect and took first. The big surprise was Mr. Bill sneaking into clear 2nd. In the Reserve Perry Zetner was clear first. I have updated the calendar for the Class Championships and another Blizzard event. There could be some minor changes to these so look at the online registration for official details. 

  October 8
The lineup for next weekend's Blizzard has the usual suspects. Tang, Sammy, Nastassja, OK and Radermacher. Discount for Castle members. 

 Hawaiian girls love chess players.  

Pictured are Jiten, Saumik and Alice                         Saumik, John, Andrew and Jiten               Sara, Bill and Momi
IM John Bartholomew and IM Andrew Tang tied for first in the Gopher Open. Saumik Narayanan and Jiten Patel were the TDs and Organizers. Alice Lee tied for first in the U1800. 

Well, give us a few hours of your time on Sunday afternoon. Don't fear the blitz sharks, as this truly is a different game. The extra minutes actually allow several big thinks, and the delay gives you a real chance to topple the Jackson-Wahl-types, who have a small chance to just clock you. And no scoresheets to haunt you over the next several days! Come and get in touch with your intuitive side. Sunday at 1:00 pm.

October 3 John is at the Oslo Chess Festival continuing his quest for GM norms. He is leading with 5.5/6. 
Bring your clock for the Blizzard Open. Castle Members get $10 off the entry. 

September 27 I just heard of the passing of Jack Mangan. He died on September 1. He was very active in the Minneapolis school chess scene. Obituary.

September 26 John Bartholomew and Andrew Tang tied for first in the 3rd Golden Gopher Open. Thanks to Saumik Narayanan for organizing a great event. Saumik sent the detals: Everything is rated. John and Tang split first in the Open with 4.5 each. Alice Lee and UMN Student Kaushal Kalyanasundaram split 1st in the U1800 with 4.5 each. Soren Kung won clear first in the U1200 with 4.5. UMN Student Ariel Arjona won clear first in the Unrated section with a perfect 5/5, dominating most of his games. Played in Cuban tournaments over a decade ago. May be a new force to be reckoned with in MN Chess...

There were a total of 51 players representing the University at the tournament, over 40% of the entire tournament. Titled players were IM John, IM Tang, FM Wasiluk, and FM Johnson. Tang gave a simul on Saturday, and John gave a lecture on Sunday, both had decent turnouts of 10-20 players.  John is off to Norway to continue his GM norm  quest. 

The Golden Gopher Open is going to be a great event. Four players over 2300, big prize fund, lecture and simul. Registration.  Early entry has been extended to Sept. 15th. They are going for over 100 players. 
We had 28 in Saturday's Quad. Next one is Sept. 30th.

September 4 The Northern Open had a small turnout. Andrew Tang won the Open with a perfect 5/5. Nathan Hoover and Aaron Thomson were 2-3rd. In the Reserve Robin Li-Yang Tu was clear first with 4.5/5. I liked the multiple choice of schedules. Not playing a third game on Saturday was nice. MSCA decided to hold the annual State Blitz Championship on Saturday. This resulted in a small turnout. John Talghader took clear first with 9/10.
The State Senior Championship has moved to October 28-29th at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth. There will be a Collegiate Scholastic Tournament at the same time and place. No details at this time. 
Tang and Bartholomew are playing in the Golden Gopher Open. Now is the chance to beat them before they become Grandmasters.

Twin Ports update. Alex Yermolinsky has published an article about his vacation in Superior. Chessbase

Update. Mauricio Flores has an article on his blog about Alice, Linden and Nastassja at the World Cadets. He got a picture. 
August 31
 Nastassja finished tied for 2nd-3rd with a loss in the last round. Alice Lee came back strong and finished 3-5th in her section. Linden finished in the middle of the pack in a strong section. USCF ARTICLE ONE  and ARTICLE TWO.Congratulations to all.  Pictured: Proud Dad, Coach Illia Nyzhnyk, Nastassja and Amina Kairbekova. Thanks to Melik Khachiyan for the photo. The tournament was the World Cadets Chess Championship 2017
John Bartholomew is in Texas to try again for a GM norm. Keep tabs on him on Twitter

No one was able to score the required 6.5/9 in the Norm tournament. IM Sean Nagle and GM Vladimir Georgiev tied for first with 5.5/9. FM Sam Schmakel earned his second IM norm with 5 points (4.5 points needed). Click on picture to enlarge.

In Brazil Nastassja is 7.5/9 and in second with 2 rounds to go. Alice is 6/9 and Linden is 4.5/9. Crosstable link
USCF has two articles about the World Cadets.  Article one and Article two. Another picture would be nice. 

Tang, Gibbins, Radermacher, Fellman, Hoover, and Utterberg are entered in the Northern Open. 

August 24 The Norm tournament is under way. John is posting his games on his Twitter account. Hopefully there will be a .pgn file available. Wesley So stopped by to push the first pawn. He will be playing in the upcoming World Cup in his quest for a title match.
Alice, Linden and Nastassja are in Brazil for the World Cadets Chess Championship 2017. I need a great photo from there. Results link. Pictured are Alice and Linden at breakfast. Linden in the U12 and Alice in the U 08 Girls. Good luck to all. 

August 22 Minnesota sent a group to Coralville, Iowa to compete for the Iowa State Open Championship. We had last year's champ, Sean Nagle, on our side. GM. Timur Garayev is all that stood in our way. Sadly that was too much. He went 5/5. Crosstable

August 17 The first Minnesota State Chess  Festival, which serves as the grand opening of our chess season, is around the corner! The field of the first event of the festival, the first ever Minnesota GM Norm Tournament, is all set to go. Come watch the three local IMs and other norm seekers battling the GMs and each other to achieve the prestigious GM and IM title norms! 6pm 8/23, 10am, 4pm 
8/24, 8/25, 8/26, 9am and 3pm 8/27. The list of players can be found on chess results.

You can register for the main event Northern Open held at the Regency Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Plymouth using the link below:
The  Minnesota State Blitz Championship will be held on September 2nd at 8pm at the Regency Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Plymouth.
All the details are on the Castle front page or the MSCA site.

August 16 Nastassja Matus was featured on KMSP news. Good luck to her in Brazil. She is now rated 2154 USCF. 

August 14 The Twin Ports Open was a huge success. Many liked the new location in Superior. Pictured are : IM John Bartholomew, the Mayor of Superior, and TD Dane Zagar. 
The Open was won by GM Bryan Smith with 4.5/5. ( His picture did not turnout. ) Three tied for second. In the Reserve Brent Gudowski was perfect with 5/5. Again three tied for second. In the Bantam Ty Kroells was first with 4.5/5. Twin Ports Results
If you were busy playing and wondered how John did in his games here are some links: Timur,Dahl,Hoover,and Twitter,

August 14 IM Andrew Tang was just short on his quest for a GM norm in Riga, Latvia. . He needed some tougher competition to get the performance number. 6.5/9 is usually good enough. When he got the tougher competition in the Blitz he went 10/11 for clear first and a 2733 performance rating. He beat 3 GMs. 
August 7 The Minnesota State Chess Festival events are being finalized. South Dakota is having their Fall tournament on Sept. 16-17th. $20 entry fee and $3500 guaranteed. Details on the calendar. The Minnesota State Senior Championships will be on October 7-8th. Bill will be able to play. Twin Cities Chess League is around the corner. Time to find a team. 

August 2 Wesley So is back in action this week at the Sinquefield Cup. Watch at Chess24. Still time to get in to Twin Ports Open.
Another strong tournament is the Iowa Open Championship in Coralville, near Iowa City. A chance to play Sean Nagle and  3 GMs. 

August 1 Yermo wrote an article for Chessbase about the Senior Open.
July 30 Niki Ringel will be the state's representative in the NGTOC tournament at the US Open. In the Denker it is Justin Ricker. In the Barber Sammy Narayanan is the choice. Good luck to all. US OPEN results.

July 27 Nastassja and Gloria played in the Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational and missed the U.S. Junior in Northfield. I have found the results!!! Nastassja finished clear first!! The field was strong. ( The tournament included top players from North and South America.) Gloria lost to the GM trained Cervantes (2199). Congratulations to both. Champion: Webster University scholarship* (full tuition and fees approximately $26,000 + per year x 4 years) Champion's Cup. 
The scholarships to Webster University must be exercised no later than Fall of 2020. Will she skip high school? :-)  
Nastassja will be at Twin Ports in a couple of weeks. 

July 23 Andre Hortillosa and Wilson Gibbins traveled from the club to Northfield to play each other. Andre held the draw.  GM Yermolinsky was clear first int the U.S. Senior Open with 5.5/6. He beat GM Gurevich in an interesting King and pawn ending and then won a Queen vs Rook ending. Great fighting spirit.  A record 105 players. 
In the U.S. Junior Open Alex Bain was clear first with 5.5/6 in the U21 section. There were 173 Juniors in 4 sections. Jackson Wahl won the Junior-Senior Blitz. The tournament was organized by Glen Panner and ran very well. Yermo is writing an article for Chess Life.

July 19 IM Andrew Tang just competed in the 2017 US Junior Championships in St. Louis from July 8 to 18. Despite defeating the eventual winner of the tournament GM-Elect Awonder Liang in the second round Andrew had a tough tournament. He finished with 4.5 out of 9 and tied for 6th place. ( He used the London/Tromp to positionally out play Awonder. )

The Blizzard Youth Camp by GM Mitkov from August 7 to 11 at the Castle still has a few spots open. Please contact Patrick Tang at if interested.

July 11 Jackson has made some changes to the upcoming Blitz Sundays. It is still blitz. We have had good turnouts for some of these events. 
July 10 Jackson Wahl won the Dog Day Think. It should be noted that it took an old man bye and holding two old men to draws to secure the victory. Dan Voje was second and rightly deserved it. Daniel Deutsch gained 131 rating points and Alex Moon 160. Lots of one day events are on for the next few weeks as we travel to Northfield and Superior. 

July 7 IM Andrew Tang is competing for the first time in the US Junior Championship in St. Louis. At the lot drawing ceremony today he got his favorite soccer jersey number (10) and will face GM Kayden Troff on Saturday with black. You can follow the games and live commentary at: US Champs.for result or to Watch live.

Andrew Tang actually drew a game in the Jackson Wahl's Graduation Blitz. Since it was against Jackson we must assume he felt sorry for him. :-)  15.5/16 !! Andrew Titus was 14.5/16 with only Tang standing in his way. Jackson did manage to win the Linden Li's Birthday blitz with 11/12. Saumik Narayanan was second with 10/12.  Great turnouts for the blitz format. Reed Russell won the Thursday Knighter. Missaka, Dan and Todd Miller tied in the Open. Attention chess punks: Dan has bounced off his floor and is at 2051. 

3rd Annual UMN Golden Gopher Open details are posted on the online registrati on site. This looks to be a great event. Saumik Narayanan is the force behind it. 
The  2017 U.S. Junior and 2017 U.S. Senior are in two weeks and almost 200 are pre-registered. Lots going on that weekend. 
6th Annual Twin Ports Open with 4 GMs. and IM John in Superior is coming up too.  

June 29 Wesley So placed clear second in the Grand Chess Tour in Belgium. A cool $25,000 for a long weekend of chess. Magnus Carlsen was awesome in Blitz and finished clear first with a $37,500 payday.  You can watch at
If you want to check on any friends at the World Open I like this site. Andrew Tang won his first two games then had to face the top seed:GM Liem Quang Le at 2726. He lost. He also faced the winner of the Open. Tough pairings. He finished at  5.5/9.  ( Pictured at above). American Chess Magazine had a nice article on Andrew. I can not post it but can send it to anyone who is interested. Sammy in the U2200 finished with 6/9.  Other players at World Open are Dr. Oke Iwu, Saumik 4.5/9, Peyton Smith, Linden and Alice Li, Ethan Li, Roger Hale, Missaka W...6/9 , and Saketh.

Andrew Titus 6/9 and 6th place. Nastassja Matus 6/9 and 4th place playing in the Pan American Youth in Costa Rica . Click on the U16A and U18F then standings. Pictures? 
De Knudson announced that the Paul Salem Sioux Falls Open will be Sept. 16-17th. Details in our calendar. 

June 25 The results from the Rochester Open were shocking. On Wednesday the three top seeds lost. Dane Zagar played the fast controls and lost his first two games: to Justin Lim and Isaac Traynor. Jackson Wahl lost to Linden Li. Alice Lee's result was amazing and is now over 1600. Justin Ricker drew two Masters and broke 2000. Congratulations to Joao Demasi who avoided all this and took clear first.  In the Amateur Paul Gabrail from Ohio was the clear winner. Thanks to Matt Jensen and Dennis Mays for another great event. 

In Paris Magnus Carlsen showed why he is the champion, by winning this leg of the Grand Chess Tour. Wesley had a middle of the Elite pack result. Nakamura in a bit of whimsy promoted to a Knight in the Blitz and lost. This cost him a tie for first. 

Linden Li's Birthday Blitz was a huge success for kids of all ages. 
The Minnesota State Chess Festival is taking shape.  
Minnesota GM/IM Norm Tournament August 23 - 27 Crowne Plaza Plymouth. 
Northern Open September 1 - 3 Crowne Plaza Plymouth.  
MN Blitz Championship September 2 Crowne Plaza Plymouth. 
Chess Family Picnic September 10 Minnehaha Park
Twin Cities Chess League Round 1 September 22 Hamline University.
Golden Gopher Open September 23-24 St. Paul Student Center $5000 Projected Prizes.
I will post the official tournament detailed information when I receive it. 
June 18 There was a chess festival with norm chances in Wisconsin. Andrew Titus held his lofty 2300 rating. Sammy gained 27 points on his way to 2200. Ashton gained 25 points and should break 2000 soon. Do not forget Rochester Open. There is an Exerciser Quad at the club. 
IM Andrew Tang scored 7.5 out of 11 at American Continental Championship in Medellin, Colombia from June 10 to June 18. He narrowly missed two GM norm opportunities in round 9 and 10. After a great performance in the first 8 rounds, Andrew only needed a draw in the 9th round to achieve his last GM norm against the second seed GM Axel Bachmann (FIDE 2653) but lost at the very end. He needed a win in round 10 against IM Alejandro Rios but could not break through. He will try again at World Open. Andrew will also compete for the first time in the U.S. Junior Championships in St. Louis from July 8 to 18 (

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