This page is for news and recent results of the local chess community. Mostly about the Chess Castle but including the state. If you have some news or an announcement you think local chess players would like to know about send it to Bill at The State chess association has a Facebook page 

Due to Thanksgiving, Thursday Knighter will be played on Wed, Nov 21, at 7 PM. Happy Thanksgiving.
November 12
GM Andrew Tang was the winner of the US Class Championship scoring 5/5.  NM Aura Salazar was second with 4/5.  Anish Lodh, from Iowa,  was the Class A winner with 5/5 easily beating me. Dan and Bill met in round four. Pictured at left. A rare draw due to neither one playing well enough to win. Game 196 between us.   Andrew Kozich, also from Iowa, won the Class B with 5/5.
The club has a full schedule for the Thanksgiving weekend starting on Friday. Dan is now directing the Exerciser Quads. 

November 10 If you have a half hour to spare at work or between games at the US Class you can catch IM John Bartholomew's recap of game one of the World Chess Championship. I watched parts on Chess 24 with Peter Svidler.  6 hours is a long time to watch, I took a nap, so the recap is a good idea.  

November 5 Dan Voje was almost perfect this past weekend at the Return of Medhat Think. Named after Medhat Feshir a long time state player that showed up to play. Dan was cruising at 6/6 and only lost to Jeff Chandler in the last round. 
Alice Lee is featured in Chess Life Online as she earned her Expert rating.  They show a game she played against Dan. 

Sammy Narayanan earned the title of FIDE Candidate Master at the Spice Cup. That is a 2200 rating. With so many players with low FIDE ratings this is quite an accomplishment.  

November 1 New in Chess has a free PDF on the World Championship Match.  Remember to set you clocks back this weekend. 

October 29 NM Wilson Gibbins won the Senior Championship with 3.5/4. Holding a draw against Tim Radermacher in the last round. He's going to Disney World.  He will be the state representative in the National Championship. 

  October 18 The US Class Championship will be held here in Minnesota on November 9th -11th. Entry fee break down: Classes M/EX, A, B, & C: Entry $95 by 10/20/18, $105 by 11/8/18, $120 thereafter and at site. Classes D, E, & Unr: Entry $65 by 10/20/18, $75 by 11/8/18, $90 thereafter and at site.

October 15 Dr. OK Iwu and Ashton Jin tied for first in the Blizzard Open with 4/5. Troy Cavanah is following Alice's example and closing in on the Expert rating by beating old men. There were only 5 in the Reserve section. Morgan Bozeman and Elijah Tramm were tied for first. 

October 9
Ashton Jin easily took the Birthday Blitz. Scoring 12.5/14. Linden li was second with 10.5/14.  Alice shared her birthday cake with all. I am looking forward to the Senior Open where I will have a chance. The kids will have their own section. 

September 25 Alice Lee is looking for some top tier victims. The Li family has raised the prize fund of Alice's Birthday Blitz by $100. Set aside October 7th to help celebrate Alice's Birthday. 
Her proud parents report: Thank you for playing in the exerciser quad with Alice. ( I was held to a draw by some fine play by her.) She reached 2000 for the first time. She is the 2nd youngest female in the US to reach expert rating, bettering the previous record holder Carrisa Yip. The youngest is Texas’s Rachael Li, who reached 2000 the evening before Alice did.  

Occasionally I receive E-mails from people or groups looking for coaches or instructors. This is one: "I was wondering if you had any recommendations for people who coach chess in the area that might be interested in teaching some of our programs in the area. We are looking for more instructors - and would appreciate any referrals. Thank you so much!   Dylan Quercia, Metropolitan Chess Inc.. (323) 639-3318 " 

September 23
GM Timur Gareyev and  GM Ashwin Jayaram tied for first at the Golden Gopher Open with 4.5/5. GMs Tang and Jimenez were 3-4th with 4/5. Daniel Deutsch and Atharva Gorantiwar tied for first in the U1800 with 4/5. There were 164 players total. Thanks to Dave Kuhns, Jiten Patel and Saumik Narayanan for running a great event. 

September 20
Still time to enter the 4th Golden Gopher Open. With 4 GMs . Great prize fund and a chance for a great memory. Vacation picture taken by guide. Click on picture to get the best effect.

September 13 We have filled in events for the end of September. The Autumnal Equinox Quick Chess event is a game in 10 with 3 second delay. You do not need to keep score and it counts on your quick chess rating not your regular classic rating.

September 3 NM Andrew Titus and Dane Zagar tied for first at the Northern Open. The new Holiday Inn site was good with a Green Mill on site and other food choices nearby. The next big tournament is the 4th Golden Gopher Open with an impressive high rated entries. 

August 27 GM Timur Gareyev won the Iowa Open with a perfect score of 5/5. Of note was Wilson Gibbins tie for second with 3 others. Losing only to Timur. Several of our players also made the trip.

 August 20  Dan and Mr. Bill's suspect play was rewarded with a tie for first place in the Castle Classic. Of note was Dan's lack of faith in his Dutch after about 100 games against Mr. Bill. The fact that I can not win a won game not with standing. Daniel Duetsch won the Reserve section.  MSCA has finalized some of their tournaments and they are posted on their new website.  The Northern Open will be held at the Holiday Inn on 94th Ave. South.

   August 8 Linden Li was perfect at the Dog Days Think going 7/7. Even beating his little sister. The Castle will be holding a Three day classic tournament next weekend.
MSCA is replacing their website. Check there for more information on their tournaments.  The Senior Championships Will be October 27th-28th. . TCCL is posted on the Online Registration page. Play dates are:  Fridays 7:00 pm Round 1: Oct 5, Round 2: Nov 2 Round 3: Nov 30 Round 4: Dec 21 Round 5: Jan 18, 2019 Round 6: Feb 22 Round 7: Mar 22

In the red brick Waterbury building on the NW corner of Central and Broadway in the Nordeast.
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