This page is for news and recent results of the local chess community. Mostly about the  Castle but including the state. If you have some news or an announcement you think local chess players would like to know about send it to Bill at: The State chess association has a Facebook page 

                                                The club is closed until further notice. 

 Magnus has an article on CNN

The entries have passed 200 and prize fund has been increased. 

MSCA Online Swiss #3 - Now $2500 Projected Prize Fund! Minnesota Chess

Our second MSCA Online Swiss took place last Saturday! Congrats to Samrug Narayanan for winning the Open, and Navid Kabir for winning the U1200! Overall, we had 69 players, including Minnesota's own GM Andrew Tang, IM Thomas Beerdsen from the Netherlands, and FM John Fawole from Nigeria! Check out the USCF Crosstables here.

The 3rd edition of the MSCA Online Swiss will be taking place on Sunday May 31st. Here are some of the details below:
  • $1000 projected prize fund, based on 100 paid entries
  • USCF Online Rated (won't affect your standard rating, but will still show up in your USCF player page)
  • 2 sections - Open and U1200
  • 6 Rounds, Game/15+5
Get all of the details, and register at

For information on daily online play:  MN Online Grand Prix
May 24 Since we do not have chess kids to post I thought I would share a photo looking out my backyard. They look only a few days old at most.

TCCL has been concluded with out playing the last game. Hopefully we will be playing chess in the Fall. 

 May 18 Chessable is out with a special Magnus Carlsen training video with John Bartholomew. 

 May 14  Magnus Carlsen Has started another chess tour online. 1 million dollars this time with four tournaments. Details on Chessbase and CNN
The 2nd edition of the MSCA Online Swiss to be held this weekend has 48 entries. Check online registration above. 
 The World Open has been cancelled or postponed. No big surprise. 
Chessable is hiring. 

 May 8 Chess24 is holding another online tournament in conjunction with FIDE. The Steinitz Memorial.  
Continental Chess has cancelled more events: Cleveland Open, June 12-14, Northeast Open, June 12-14 , Continental Class, June 19-21, Chicago Class, July 17-19. No word on the World Open though they are still taking entries. 

 May 5 I received this from MSCA :Our first MSCA Online Swiss took place last Saturday! Congrats to Andrew Titus for winning the Open, and Arjun Venkatakrishnan for winning the U1200! Check out the USCF Crosstables here.

Thanks to the good turnout last week, we are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the MSCA Online Swiss, which will be taking place on Saturday, May 16th. We will be doubling the projected prize fund from $500 to $1000! Here are some of the details below:
  • $1000 projected prize fund, based on 100 paid entries
  • USCF Online Rated (won't affect your standard rating, but will still show up in your USCF player page)
  • 2 sections - Open and U1200
  • 6 Rounds, Game/15+5
Get all of the details, and register at

April 27 In order to not feel left out, is holding an " IM not a GM Speed Chess Tournament". Our own IM Bartholomew is playing and hopefully will explain some of his great wins on his channel. Information page.   Pairings page.  

April 23 To no surprise the Chicago Open has been cancelled. Goichberg  is still taking entries for the World Open but I would be surprised if that was held. He may increase the Midwest Class in the Fall.

April 17 Magnus Carlson has sponsored an online tournament starting this Saturday. Eight players at a faster time control.  Chessbase    Chess 24   
 April 13 The MSCA Online tournaments are entering week 4. Check out the schedule. SIGNUP FORM

  April 10  I have heard from Dane Mattson that Twin Ports has been cancelled. Not a surprise but now official. Hopefully one day we can get back to real chess.
With the National tournaments cancelled USCF is selling sets and boards at a great price. 
April 10 online update. 
 Week 1 of the Minnesota Online Grand Prix has concluded! Overall, we had 105 players who played in at least one event over the course of the week! Thanks to everybody who competed!

View the complete Week 1 standings at We also have a tentative list of winners from Week 1. If one of your results is incorrect/missing, please contact us asap, and we will fix it before awarding prizes.

Week 2 of the MN Online Grand Prix will start tomorrow, and we will have another $100 in cash prizes to give away, as well as several awards for scholastic players in the K-8, K-5, and K-3 categories. Sign up at

Finally, we have created a Discord Server for the Grand Prix. Use Discord to contact the TDs with any questions, or to arrange matches with other players. Join the Discord at
MSCA is sponsoring a  Minnesota Online Grand Prix!
With everybody stuck at home due to social distancing policies, all the local chess clubs and events have shut down for the foreseeable future. In order to help everybody get their chess fix in, the MSCA has decided to create the Minnesota Weekly Online Grand Prix!

We will be organizing 12 to 14 online tournaments every week through Players will accumulate points for every tournament they play in, and $100 in cash prizes will be awarded at the end of each week! You don't have to play in every event in order to compete for Grand Prix prizes.

In a bit of good news Alice Lee has made Master. We all new it would happen. Congratulations. 
With all the cancellations of travel the good news is I have been able to get some refunds or credits on purchases. Sometimes hard to get through and hopefully the airlines will still be there in six months. Good time to read all those chess books I bought as I self isolate at home. 

New chess setup from FIDE.

March 17 Saumik wants the following advertised: The UMN Chess Club is holding Lichess arenas every Tuesday in place of their normal meetings. There will be 3 separate 1-hour arenas at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm. Anybody is allowed to join! First one is tonight!  Link to join at

 The Minnesota Closed Playoffs have been postponed. 
US Chess is cancelling the National High School (K-12) Championship (NHS).Details.
TCCL has been postponed until further notice. More details will be announced as soon as possible. 
The Mid-America Open has been cancelled.



March 7
The Scholastic Championships select candidates for National tournaments to be held in conjunction with the US Open this Summer. I believe the following to be true and will update it if things change. It may take a few days to rate due to new memberships. 
Troy Cavanah won the K-8 section and will be the Barber representative. 
Masters Andrew Titus and Sammy Narayanan tied for the K-12 title. After a playoff one will be the Denker representative. 
Arvind Thiagarajan won the K-5 and will be the  representative for the John D Rockeller III tournament. This is a new event. 
Alyssa George won the K-3 section going undefeated!
Photos courtesy Arun Narayanan. 
Jeshwant Mohan and Yiping Wang tied for first in the K-12 U1200 section. 

March 2 I often wonder why I am not higher rated. Here are three recent examples of the reason. 

White (Radermacher) to play.                     White (Tramm) to play.                                   Black (Wasserman)to play.  
I overlooked my opponents threats. What did they see? 

Diagram one 22.Rxe8 Qxd3 23.Rxf8 Kxf8 24.Rxd3
Diagram two 21.Ne7+ Kh8 22.Nxc6 bxc6 23. Rxc6
Diagram three 22....Qg7.

January 31
Ethan Hunt has made Master following some great results on Thursday night. Dennis McGrath won the Open section on Thursday. 

After finishing his 200+ videos on "100 Endgames You Must Know" John took some time to explain the Lucena position to a new student. Check out Chessable. Introduction on YouTube.  
Magnus does an endgame test and talks about his training. 

December 9
I do not normally post game stuff but this past weekend's Think had lots of fighting chess. In the last round, Alice Lee vs Dr. Iwu, was a real crowd-pleaser. I believe what follows is correct. Black had a pawn on a2 for some time and White finally won it remaining a piece up. Still trying to win White played 1.Ra2. There followed 1...c3+ 2. Kc2 Rb2 3. Rxb2 cxb2 4. Kxb2 Ke3. 

With no increment and time very short this is not the position one should want. According to my silicon friend 5.Bd1 Kd2 6. Bb3 Ke2, as played, wins for White. But 5Bd1 Kf2 wins for Black. Black should not take the f3 pawn as it obstructs the Bishop. Even 5. Bc4 wins for Black. He should take the f3 pawn in that line. There are some only moves and even a Queen ending in some lines. You endgame guys can put it in your computers and see all the lines.  Black lost on time after 7.Kc2 Kxf3 8. Kd3 Kg2
These two will be ready for the club championship, will you?

If you are interested in the Alpha Zero games they can be downloaded. 


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