This page is for news and recent results of  the local chess community. Mostly about the  Castle but including the state. If you have some news or an announcement you think local chess players would like to know about send it to Bill at The State chess association has a Facebook page 

July 16 
The Think scheduled for August 10-11th has been changed to the End of Summer Open. Game 60 with 30 increment. First prize is $500 guaranteed. Details on the calendar. 

25th Catfish Days Chess tournament on July 26-27th in Franklin, MN. Check Online registration for entry details.

July 8 News from the World Open. GM Bryan Smith, who will be in Superior for Twin Ports, won $5000.  Our own Sammy ( show me the money) Narayanan  won $3000 with a 6/9 score in the Open section. They drew in the second round. His twin brother Saumik was 6/9 in the U2200. Troy Cavanah was 4/9.
At the club Andrew Titus won the Think with a 6.5/7 score. Alice Lee was second with 6/7 losing to Andrew. Kyler Weatherspoon was back after graduating from Notre Dame. 

July 2 The 2019 Minnesota GM Norm Tournament just finished. GMs Tang and Mitkov were tops with 6.5/9. It looks like no one made a GM norm.
July 1
I just got back from the National Senior. The GMs dominated the event. GM Dimitry Gurevich was the clear winner. He beat me in round two. GM Benjamin and GM Yermolinsky and Doug Eckert were second with 5/6. Tim Radermacher played Benjamin and Eckert. Benjamin went over the game with us between rounds. 104 Seniors played which may be a record. The site was not perfect, though the organizers worked hard when faced with site changes, but it was nice to not have chess punks stealing my rating points. I camped at the Yogi Bear campground. 

The Blizzard Open was won by Kevin Lu and the Reserve section by Alan Xu. 

June 28 The Thursday Knighter will start on Wednesday in July due to the holiday.
At the 16th Annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational  Alice Lee won the top under 10 and won  $500. She was 4.5/6. She was 5.5/7 in the Blitz. Alice with Susan.
Early entry for Twin Ports ends on July 1st. GM Yermolinsky, GM Smith and IM Bartholomew are entered.

June 25 Andrew Titus won the Rochester Open with 4.5/5. Diego Behnke won the Amateur and Ethan Igel won the Reserve. 58 total players.
Troy Cavanah beat two Masters in the Pittsburgh Open.
The 2019 U.S. Senior Open Championship will be next weekend in Naperville, IL. Here in Minnesota the 2019 Minnesota Blizzard FIDE Open will be held at the Crowne Plaza Plymouth. Over $1,800 in prizes projected 

   June 17 Daniel Duetsch made Expert with a round to spare at the Exerciser Quad. 
GM Andrew Tang confirmed his blitz reputation by winning the Walter Browne Blitz at the National Open. $1000.  He played in the regular 9 round main event also. 
Troy Cavanah finished clear second in the ROGER GOTSCHALL MEMORIAL in Ames this past weekend. 
Sammy Narayanan finished in a tie for second at the Carolina Classic. 

June 16 NM Andrew Titus was clear first in the Castle Classic. Jovana Milosevic was second. Of note was Stuart Konezny who gained 114 rating points. In the Reserve Levi Pliam was first. 
You old guys can still enter the National Senior Open to be held in Naperville south of Chicago on June 28th-30th.

June 9  GameWorks in the Mall of America will hold another bughouse tournament on Monday June 17th.
Are your computer files backed up?  My new Dell crashed after a month. Tech support no help. 
The Blizzard Team is holding another Norm tournament. There will be an open at the same time. June 29th-30th. Details on the calendar.

June 5 Catfish Days time control will be Game 75 with 30 increment. 

June 3   
Lost Lewis Chessman worth over $1 million found in drawer. Details.  Click on picture to enlarge.

June 2 I missed that Ashton Jin beat GM Dmitry Gurevich in the Chicago Open. 
Saumik has posted the MSCA Scholastic Summer Series to  the online registration page. July 13th and August 3rd

May 29 Saumik reports " that Wes Cannon and Indrajit Chaudhury both won $420 in the U1900 section, and Gavin Falk won $300 in the U1000.
May 28 Dane Zagar tied for first in the U2100 section winning $1500. It would have been more but he was higher rated during the last year. Tim Radermacher scored 5/7 and $108 payday. Many others were above average but fell just short. All the prizes can be seen here.  Of note is Stuart Konezny who bravely played in the U2300 section and Sammy who beat  GM. Georgiev.

May 26 We are in the middle of the Chicago Open. Just received the notice for Twin Ports in Superior this year. It will be at the University. Check Online Registration. Rochester has two Masters signed up already. 

May 20 Hello from Dubuque, Iowa. Dane Mattson and Samrug Narayanan got to play GM Yermolinsky in the Port of Dubuque Open. Sadly they lost. Very nice tournament in a spacious setting. Jovana Milosevic drove up from Rochester to win the top quad on Sunday. Beating Li, Sheehan and Zagar. Now on to Chicago. 

May 13 Troy would've liked to play in this weekend's Hall of Fame tourney but had his hands full down in Nashville.  He finished as the co-champion at the K-6 Blitz with 11/12 points (11-1-0) and finished 8th in the K-5 Championships with 5.5/7 points (4-0-3).

John Thomson has posted the games from the Closed. 
Tang- Nagle   from the closed.
1. d4 g6 2. e4 Bg7 3. Nc3 d6 4. Bg5 a6 5. Nf3 b5 6. a4 b4 7. Nd5 a5 8. Bd3 c6
9. Ne3 Nf6 10. e5 dxe5 11. dxe5 Nd5 12. Nxd5 Qxd5 13. O-O Bg4 14. Re1 Nd7 15.
Be2 Rc8 16. Qc1 c5 17. Qf4 Be6 18. Rad1 Qb7 19. Bb5 h6 20. Bf6 Kf8 21. Bxd7
Bxd7 22. Bxe7+ Kxe7 23. e6 Bxe6 24. Qd6+ Ke8 25. Rxe6+ fxe6 26. Qxe6+ Qe7 27.
Qxc8+ Kf7 28. Qg4 Rd8 29. Qc4+ Kf8 30. Rxd8+ Qxd8 31. Qxc5+ Kg8 32. Qc4+ Kh7
33. h4 Bxb2 34. Qe4 Kg7 35. Qb7+ Kh8 36. Qc6 Kg7 37. g3 Bc3 38. Qb7+ Kh8 39.
Kg2 Qe8 40. h5 gxh5 41. Qb6 Qxa4 42. Qxh6+ Kg8 43. Qg6+ Kf8 44. Ng5 Qd7 45.
Ne6+ Ke7 46. Nf4 a4 47. Qe4+ Kd6 48. Qd3+ Kc7 49. Nd5+ Kb7 50. Nxb4 Qxd3 51.
Nxd3 Kc6 52. Nc1 Kd5 53. g4 hxg4 54. f3 gxf3+ 55. Kxf3 Kc4 56. Na2 Bg7 1/2-1/2

MSCA has updated their calendar and has posted lots of stuff.  

May 12 
IM John Bartholomew and IM Sean Nagle were inducted into the Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame on Sunday. You can read all about them on the link. Previously inducted this year were IM Victor Adler and Brian Ribnick. Tim Radermacher, Joe Longen and Alex Adams headed the committee that put together the celebration and got the awards. There are plaques at the Castle on the Hall of Fame wall recognizing all the inductees. Family and friends were entertained by stories of these guys youth and successes. Pictured are John and his parents Joan and Barney. Also Sean with his plaque. His Mom was busy with Sean and Yana's three children. 
The tournament big upset was Sammy Narayanan beating GM Tang. Of note was Dan swindling Alice in a lost position and Alice then crushing me. Sammy did go on to tie for first with Tim Radermacher. They drew in round four putting pressure on them in the last round. Alice was clear third. Nels Truelson from South Dakota was also one of Sammy's victims. Evgeni Gordeev won the reserve. HoF Crosstable.

May 7 The club will be closed on Saturday May 18th due to the neighborhood celebration: Art-a-Whirl. Exerciser Quad will be on Sunday May 19th.
      May 6 MSCA held their Closed Playoffs this past weekend. GM Andrew Tang was the winner in the open section with 4.5/5 drawing IM Sean Nagle in a tense last round. All the winners can be found here Pictured are some of the open players: Frank Johson, Dr. OK Iwu and Joe Longen. It was a tough tournament for them due to the titled players. At left is Andrew. 
There will be a norm tournament in June and with it the Minnesota Blizzard FIDE Open June 29-30 2019.

April 29 MSCA will be holding the
Minnesota Hall of Fame Championship
tournament and induction ceremony on May 11-12th at the Holiday Inn Minneapolis South in Bloomington. There is free parking and food on site. Many other food choices nearby. The list of nominees can be found here. This will be a good warm-up for those going to the Chicago Open.

  April 27  I have been informed of the following by Pat LaVone: "GameWorks - the entertainment center in the Mall of America - is going to start running Bughouse chess events on Monday nights. For now, twice a month. Noisy, distracting atmosphere - not ideal for slow, deep think chess, but great for the abomination that is Bughouse". Gameworks  
All the details can be found by clicking on the link. Maybe we could get them to sponsor one of our events.  

April 26 If you are going to the Chicago Open, Continental Chess says the Westin is close to being sold out. They suggest: Ramada Plaza Chicago North Shore, 1080 South Milwaukee Ave. (3 miles from Westin), $80 chess rate including free full breakfast, free shuttle to Westin, free parking. For reservations write Sandra at or call 847-763-3090. 

April 24 Many of us have played Dan in the Dutch. The games are usually chaotic to say the least. John Bartholomew runs into a Dutch online and falls to the chaos. He bravely posts it and analyzes it. The Dutch game. 

April 19 IM John Bartholomew will be doing commentary at the National Junior High Championships on Twitch. Helping him is WGM Sabina Foisor. We can only hope St. Louis notices and replaces Maurice Ashley with John. 
April 15
Troy Cavanah crushed the Spring Think with 6/7 score. 
. Troy was held to draws by Dan and Chris Kalina which could be considered a victory of sorts for the old guys.  Meanwhile Alice Lee was in Chicago at the KCF All Girls National Championships. Beating the top seed in the last round to go 5/6 and clear first in the U18 age group. Picture from USCF. 
GM Andrew Tang finished with 6.5/9 in Reykjavik after his first round slip. More details on the USCF website and Chessbase.   Next up is the Denver Open, the state closed and the Hall of Fame tournament. Pictured at the grave of Bobby Fischer, a must stop in Iceland. 

I received the following request: "My name is Mike Bowman and help oversee youth enrichment opportunities for the St. Paul Public Schools. I am looking at expanding our kids chess class options for the fall of 2019 and was wondering if you or anyone from your organization teaches chess classes for kids in schools, if you would be open to this or if you know anyone who would?" Phone: 651-744-1995 • Office Mainline: 651-487-7383

April 12 Dane Mattson has announced the dates for the 2019 Twin Ports Open. It will be held August 16th - 18th at the University of Wisconsin Superior campus. He is working on the details but wants you to save the date. They have been priced out of many sites due to the popularity of Duluth in the Summer. I will post when I know more.

April 10 If any of you fellow experts wondered how to beat GM Andrew Tang you can watch Lawrence Trent's weekly show on Chessbase.( scroll down and skip the first 10 minutes)  Andrew is playing in Iceland and lost in the first round to an expert. He did bounce back to win the next three and a draw. 

April 7
Jovana Milosevic won the Minnesota State Women's Championship winning three and drawing Alice Lee. Alice gave up a draw to Niki Ringel. Jovana lives in Rochester and has said she is interested in coaching. I do not have more details.
 Alice Lee is the NGIT representative for Minnesota.  
We had 20 for the Exerciser Quad with a fairly strong top quad. Wilson continues to dodge me.  

If you live in St. Paul and are looking for a coffee house chess experience the Coffee Bene at 53 S. Cleveland is an option. They meet on Monday from 5 pm. until 8 pm. Article.

April 3 Sammy Narayanan bounced back to win the Spring Classic at the Castle. Ryan Shiroma won the Reserve. 
Roger Redmond , former MSCA treasurer, is living the good life in Colorado now. He reports that the Denver Chess Club is having a big chess tournament: the Denver Open. April 26-28th. Lots of strong players and a very friendly group. Airfare to Denver can be fairly cheap. 

If you are interested in the Alpha Zero games they can be downloaded. 


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