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My name is Jim Hodina and I am the organizer for the Ice Harbor Scholastic Chess Tournament being held in Dubuque, Iowa, November 9 & 10.  The two-day event is at the Grand River Center with hotel accommodations at the Grand Harbor Resort and Water Park.  Bill joined us for the all-agest tournament in May 2019.  I recall our conversation regarding the spacious event hall and personal tables for every chess game.  I see that our tournament is posted on your website for which I am very appreciative. I should also mention that we have a concurrent All-Ages M/X Section that is dual FIDE/US Chess rated and free entry for all US Masters and a separate TLA on US Chess.

Anyway, our event is a month away.  I have sent out some email blasts through US Chess but I thought it may be helpful to provide a personalize email to you.  

We already have players from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois (Sterling High School) registered.  I am offering a free room night for the coach of any team that brings 5 or more players to the tournament.  Register 10 and I will provide two free room nights.  Teams do not have to be from the same school.  They may also be from the same chess club, such as Chess Castle.  We have both individual and team trophies with over 150 trophies in total.  The first place trophy in each section is four-columns and 40-inches tall.  There are five sections from K-12 Open down to K-3 with reserve sections at each grade level. Additional bughouse and blitz tournament side events along with a "friends and family" section are available as well. The host site is the Grand River Center and Grand Harbor Resort and Water Park in Dubuque.  I have attached a flyer and would be happy to mail color prints to you as well.  We have a great tournament website at  We have online registration at I look forward to hearing from you.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can mail you printed color flyers.

Take care,
Jim Hodina
cell: 319-432-1459