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GameWorks - the entertainment center in the Mall of America - is going to start running Bughouse chess events on Monday nights. For now, twice a month. Noisy, distracting atmosphere - not ideal for slow, deep think chess, but great for the abomination that is Bughouse.

Promises to be fun and exciting - for those that need an adrenaline kick to their chess variants, this will probably be a great option.

If you would be so kind, please add it to your Chess Chatter comments.  

Bughouse Chess
GameWorks – Mall of America

Tournament Play or Open play (if you don’t wish to play in the tournament)


·        Mondays Starting May 6th

·        Subsequent dates to be determined, possibly every other week

·        Open play 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (tournament and non-tournament players)

·        Registration for tournament starts 6:30 pm

·        Tournament 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

·        Bring your standard (tournament style) chess set

·        To enter tournament, you must have a digital chess timer/clock & chess set

·        Open play does not require a clock but it is recommended

·        Accommodations for up to 32 players (16 teams)

·        $20 gift certificate to top team for this grand opening event!

·        Co-sponsored by the Chess Club of Minnesota

First tournament is FREE!


Note: GameWorks is a high-energy entertainment center; it can be very noisy with ambient e-sports, arcade, TV and 

restaurant noises. It is not intended for slow, quiet, classic chess, but if you like the frantic and dynamic environment that 

bughouse and blitz chess can generate, you will enjoy this very fun, recurring event.

A great menu of burgers, salads, snacks, pizza, wings and more, plus a wide selection of beverages, are available.